Quality Control Service (QCS)

Quality control is the part of the company's quality management programme concerned with satisfying quality requisites.

It is the task of the QCS to perform audits, tests, inspections and other activities aimed at ensuring that purchasing procedures, raw materials, manufacturing processes and finished products all comply with the requisites demanded: from the examination of raw materials on arrival to the manufacturing processes of products, including monitoring and measuring, through to the final inspection, always in accordance with the established control programmes.

To facilitate these controls, Mollificio Renzo Scotti uses special instrumentation applied to its machinery for the control and automatic correction of the product dimensions throughout the production cycle. This enables the performance of the production processes and product conformity to be verified in real time.

In the plant are also located electronic load-testing devices designed to measure spring loads for weights ranging from a few grams up to 12 metric tons. Completing the range of instruments are a digital durometer, an optical profile projector, a fatigue testing machine, micrometers and control calipers.

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