The management of Mollificio Renzo Scotti has defined its Quality System in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 norm for the purposes of:


all activities that directly or indirectly impact the quality of its products and the execution of all processes.

The eight-point statement set out below defines, guarantees and documents Mollificio Renzo Scotti's quality policy and its objectives and commitment.

1. Total customer satisfaction (its foremost priority).
2. Fulfilment of the company's quality objectives with the primary aim of:
     - rationalising production, thereby improving its economic efficiency;
     - ensuring the professional growth of the workforce;
     - guaranteeing consumer protection.
3. Full comprehension and engagement of the entire workforce in the company's quality policy.
4. Continuous training at all levels.
5. The creation of proper information and communication channels.
6. Continuous improvement as a fundamental process throughout the company with the aim of reducing costs
     while improving products and services.
7. The definition, quantification, monitoring, measurement and review of quality objectives concerning company
     process performance, reflecting the philosophy of continuous improvement.
8. Respect for the environment and utmost regard for all aspects of workplace safety.

Mollificio Renzo Scotti's Quality Management System concerns all organisational, managerial and operational activities relating to the "Production of springs and small metal fittings from wire and strip", the company's principal business area.

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